2019 Chardonnay Estate Reserve


100% Chardonnay

In 2019, we tried something a little different. Over the past several years of working this vineyard, we've  noticed a band of vines comprising about 4 rows in the heart of the block that seems exceptional in almost every regard: its canopy is healthy but less vigorous, its crop is modest but exceedingly balanced, and it is subject to considerably less disease pressure than the rest of the vineyard. So last year after several false starts, we decided  to harvest and vinify those rows separately. The results were exceptional. Despite being picked almost a week earlier than the rest of the vineyard, these 4 rows had ripened to a higher sugar level while still retaining considerably more acidity. Moreover, after fermentation and aging for 7 months in a variety of different used French Oak barriques, it was evident that this lot was distinctive beyond its mere chemistry. The wine was simply more concentrated, more complex, and more vital than past Chardonnays from this vineyard. Jonagold apple, Bosc pear, nougat, and cinnamon all leap from the glass, even at this youthful stage. While it's easy to appreciate this Chardonnay's structure and intensity now, patience will be a virtue with this vintage.

$32.00 /750ml

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